A home to inspire how people live.

Our focus is people

The America at Home Study Concept Home is a beacon for flexible home design, built for how people live and what they value in today’s world.


The home is a sanctuary. Treat it that way.


We live in the kitchen. Nourish body and soul.


Find your center and get ready for life outside.


Work is no longer just for the office.


Find space, freedom, and fresh air at home.
Garman Homes Concept Home

The Concept Home

The concept home was born out of the behavior and perspective changes Americans experienced at home during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. And stories shared by almost 7,000 Americans. Envisioned and realized by three women leaders in the homebuilding industry who also serve as the America at Home Study founders, and homebuilder Garman Homes, the concept home is intended to inspire new ways builders and architects can think about designing homes in the post-pandemic world.

A remarkable home in a remarkable place.

Rather than focus on features, the concept home is built around people. It’s meant to flex, to accommodate, to delight, to inspire real life in a world that’s already changed dramatically. And to realize the full potential of the spaces in the home, even as needs for those spaces change.

And it’s not just a house. More than ever, people are focused on their “place” and Chatham Park provides the perfect backdrop for a different kind of home – meeting needs like access, health, education, and nature.

Garman Homes Model Home
A labor of love, from beginning to end.

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